Front St., Allentown. Admission: $10; $8, seniors; free, ages 12 and under. $15, adv.; $20, door. Make your own mojo bag!In traditional Hoodoo magic, a mojo bag was made from flannel fabric but in this day and age you can use any type of fabric you’d like to make your own mojo bag. You can even purchase a mojo bag already made, but I would suggest for a more powerful effect to literally piece your own mojo bag together and sew it up yourself. You can use pieces of fabric from an old tablecloth, set of pajamas, or purchase a small amount of fabric from a nearby store or thrift store.

We as a society in general are divided by a number of differences, be it race, class or creed. But one kind of discrimination that binds together all the societies in the word is gender discrimination. Women since time immemorial have been considered inferior to men.

Gave you a description of a guy and they like, you hear anything in the back, just call us,’ Ceballos said. Used to walk. They say walking is good. Sheared a tree, it landed on a boulder upside down it was just mangled, she said of the vehicle. Heard the poor kid trying to breathe it was the most awful sound. Not the first accident Peerless has witnessed at the intersection of 16th and Discovery.

A rock star and New Jersey rarely produces one, said political scientist Patrick Murray. Not going to just sell these things to New Jerseyans. This guy got a national reputation. Get proper sleep. If you are a club kid and go out 3 plus nights a week you need to learn to cut back. It may be fun for a while but all of the booze and sleepless nights will soon catch up to you.

They got the job done. I so proud of them. So proud of them. Would say aggressive, said Copeland about the Pacers pursuit of him during the free agent period. Was nice. They definitely showed a great interest and it was definitely something I couldn pass up.

I was into hip hop. I’d say about a couple years after “Rapper’s Delight,” [came out], I started making my own raps. And then I got my first deal in 1990 with Elektra. Certainly he wants to be great, and I think he’s driven by that. I think he knows that a lot of times [that] can be tied to winning. He just wants to win, and he wants to win big here as a New York Yankee as really the face of our club..

3. Have a Holiday SaleIf you want to create some cash, consider holding a sale on one, some or all of your products. Everyone’s looking for a break at the holidays, and there most likely are people on your list who have thought about buying one or more of your products or investing in your services, and a discount might just push them to finally doing so.