Jones finished with 40 yards rushing after going for a career high 145 a week ago. Rodgers was sacked five times, four of those in the second half. The Packers gained just 114 yards in the second half, half coming on the one throw from Rodgers to Adams.

The Campus Center lounges are often reserved in anticipation of a program or speaker that is not yet confirmed. If there are other clients who later request use of the lounges on the date in question for a confirmed program, the Office of Conference and Event Services will contact both clients to try and negotiate a date change. In these cases, the existing (unconfirmed) reservation may need to be canceled or moved to allow space for the confirmed program.

That all came back to us on Saturday, sitting there looking at the timeworn ’67 quarter, the oldest we’ve seen in awhile, among the brighter slugs. The Observer is a fan of slowing down enough to let the interesting nuances of life catch up to us, and that was definitely one of those times. Ye gods, how we wish we could have flipped that quarter over and had George explain to us what he’d seen and where he’d been in the past 45 years: peep show booths and collection plates; fetid gutters and the silk lined pockets of millionaires; barmaid’s tips and convenience store tills; swapped for a baby tooth or a cuppa java or a gumball or three.

One final note: in many states, there will be an administrative suspension of your license that goes through automatically when you are charged with driving under the influence. You will have only a short window of time in which you can appeal this suspension. Before this window is up, you need to hire a DUI law firm to handle your case so they can be a part of the appeal process.

Elizabeth Brown, a Democratic councilwoman in Columbus, Ohio, was seven months pregnant when she decided to run for office in 2015. She’s now pregnant with her second child and plans to take 12 weeks of maternity leave, though she’ll still attend Council voting sessions. Brown, who has pushed for paid family leave, said local governments must be more accommodating to women..

At least one real estate agent in the area saw it differently. Kris Weiss, a Realtor in the affluent Houston suburb of The Woodlands, told KTRK, really want to be a little more professional. Generally, agents try to make sure that their listings won alienate or drive away any potential buyers, she said..

There will be two different trails and a maze for young children. Patrons can choose to walk through the Edals Valley Asylum or Syngaro’s Sinister Circus, a traveling gypsy type circus which debuted in 2011. While the overall trail themes are the same, this year visitors to the Asylum will encounter the carnivorous plants and violent scarecrows in a new greenhouse scene..