After playing dressup in the salon, she achieved artistic nirvana while painting ceramics. Little brother, meanwhile, romped through the tunnels of the indoor playground and wound down by building a magnet tower in the science room. Not a single guest protested when Aunt Ileana pointed out they’d all had a nutritious and educationally stimulating time.

Dwain Watts, 34, was at the National Portrait Gallery steps not long after midnight, holding up a copy of The Washington Post’s street edition. He was just a kid the last time the Caps went to the finals, and said this felt like redemption. When asked what he thought this meant for the city, he replied: “Everything.”.

Who Really Killed the Bordens?Another theory, not mentioned in the video, was that Uncle John Morse, the in law of Mr. Borden who had spent the night prior to the murders at the Borden home, was the killer. However, no realistic motive has ever been conjectured for Mr.

Hopelink’s annual Turkey Trot will be held Sunday, Nov. 16 in downtown Kirkland. Volunteers are needed on the day of the trot to help with set up and registration; to help stuff “goody bags to place signs along the walk route; to greet and direct participants, to hand out water, T shirts and other items to participants, and to help clean up after the event..

The girls may have plenty of plain clothes wearing company. Parents having trouble paying for uniforms have flooded the district office with more than 2,500 requests for vouchers, worth $50 per student, which the district is giving to families considered truly needy. But only about 60 requests have been processed and approved so far, spokeswoman Kimberly Golden Benner said Friday..

We had lunch at a little cafe by his house, but I could see that he was uncomfortable because people were staring at him because he was so thin. Back then, it was a huge cause for speculation. “I’m going to see some friends in California for a month.

It would be tempting to think that Biden’s advantage is merely a side effect of being well known. Indeed, in CNN’s latest national poll, 88% of Democrats and independents who lean Democratic hold an opinion of him. That’s nearly double the 45% who can form an opinion of Sen.

“Perhaps Mr. Kaepernick could comment on the murder of 40 police officers in the United States in the past few months, or the assaults perpetrated on over 100,000 law enforcement officers in the past year. Perhaps he could lend his commentary to the over 8,000 murders that African Americans inflicted on one another in 2015.