Then you get to see who liked you. More important: who liked you for you. Not you changing your behavior to impress anyone or please anyone. That was fascinating; thank you. The links were especially interesting especially the link to the “Chris Armstrong Watch”. Lovely lay out, frightening content.

For your eBaybusiness, all you need is internet access and a product to sell. Many people start off selling old or odd items from their homes. Others are going to garage sales and picking up great deals and then selling these products on eBay. Regular admission is $17, but with the pass, up to eight people can get in for $8.50 each, including rides. Children younger than 2 are admitted free. The farm is open until Sept.

Pete and Rosalie passed away not long after Jessy. We missed our Jessy and we missed Pete and Rosalie our nice neighbors. He was 16 months old. Territory in the western Pacific that shot to the top of the headlines last week whenNorth Korea threatened to attack it with “enveloping fire. “Air Force Col. Sam White, the commander of the 36 operations group at Andersen Air Force Base on Guam, explained the importance of the base.

A new strategy that we have is doing 6 month rentals (or more) of furnished units for corporate execs coming into Chicago for short work assignments. The unit still needs to be furnished, however, you can charge a premium and not worry about irresponsible renters or pets. Some buildings require a 12 month min lease and to get around that, you can include a bump out clause allowing a renter to leave early if need be..

Otherwise, art might be too mystical (as both Kandinsky and Mondrian, on another front, hoped). So typeface decorated the face of art. Words from posters, newspapers, magazines, labels on wine bottles and cleaning products. Then there’s book publishing. I just had lunch with a friend who’s written a series of books, seeing roughly $30 $40k advance per title. Now he’s lucky if there’s an advance at all: publishers are much more leery about investing too much in a book because the odds of it making back a substantial amount has diminished as book sales have dropped and, simultaneously, the number of books published has skyrocketed.

1442: Djokovic falls to his feet after an inspirational performance against a man regarded as one of the greatest to have played the game. The Serb, now a holder of five Grand Slams, rips off his shirt and goes in search of his crew to celebrate. “Incredible,” says John Lloyd.