Tender. Various classic Dada texts were read, including a poem by Louis Aragon called Suicide, which consisted of reciting the alphabet. (It is one of my all time favorites.) But in another rather anti Fluxian demonstration, a woman asked if anyone could love her as much as she loved herself.

The 23 time grand slam champion on Saturday cruised through to the fourth round with a steamrolling 6 2 6 1 blitz of teenager Dayana Yastremska, but wasn 100 per cent sure about some of the decisions made in the match.The 37 year old legend uncertainty was only revealed when her opponent opened up in her post match press conference about an exchange they shared while returning to the locker room following their third round match.The Ukrainian said Williams was on her side when it came to a controversial time wasting code violation warning issued to Yastremska.She suggested umpire James Keothavong was overly pedantic when enforcing the 25 seconds players are allowed in between points.Yastremska claimed Williams said Keothavong was also too quick in announcing the scores after each point was played triggering the serve clock early in her opinion.the changing room she said the referee today wasn really fair when I got the time violation, she thinks I didn deserve it, Yastremska said.didn really understand what was exactly the problem. But he was like telling the score a little bit too early and she (Williams) said it unfair that was in the changing room. I don know, I didn really think about that.would look into it as well.

Great white sharks are one of the most graceful and majestic of all the sharks in the ocean. Like these from a great white. Until recently, scientists have relied on the shape of shark teeth to figure out what they eat. It is hard, and I am tired, but we make the most of it. He isn’t the same man I fell in love with, but I still fall further everyday, We are fighting to help him recover. To make his life better.”.

A short training montage later, the new Wonder Woman is ready to go back to helping Steve . But then Steve dies anyway, because let’s face it, he was a moron. Even though her dead boyfriend was the entire reason that she didn’t go with the Amazons, Wonder Woman doesn’t even think to follow them into the other dimension.

Stone, one of just four seniors for the Saints, went high for her shootout goal, while Birely answered with a low shot for the Reds. DeWitt and Furlong traded goals, but after Chloe Byrne’s goal, Bannnan held her position to stop Hauser to shift pressure to the Reds. Maddie Byrne followed with her goal, then Bannan made her second straight stop to clinch the victory and set off the celebration..