(Feldman is no stranger to luxury brands; his other company, Peryton, specializes in fine leather goods.) Unlike gold bars, these are a part of your portfolio that you can actually wear. That’s where , founded by Ethan Agarwal WG11, can help. An audio centric fitness subscription app, synchronizes voice recordings of personal trainers with curated playlists, providing users with a boutique fitness studio experience right from their smartphones and at a fraction of the price.

Said it was shooting right next door, so I ran away. I went to hide in a restaurant, not far from Gutenberg Street. All shows scheduled to be performed at the city cultural institutions will also be canceled on Wednesday, the mayor said.. To help the brain grow and develop, environmental experiences stimulate nerves to branch out and connect with other nerves. Baby wearing helps the infant’s developing brain make the right connections. Because baby is intimately involved in the mother’s and father’s world, she is exposed to and participates in the environmental stimuli that mother selects and is protected from those stimuli that bombard or overload her developing nervous system.

He told me his songwriting models came not so much from classic country but from the Classics: “I love Ulysses. Have you heard the ‘Ballad of the Joking Jesus’ from Ulysses? I set that to country music. You can’t get higher on the food chain in literature than James Joyce.” He talked about his favorite medieval poets, like Franois Villon, and he went on a tirade against “Hee Haw,” the country music variety TV show, for the way he says it made a travesty of the rural Southern culture he came from.

But some relatively new names also top the bill, including Khalid (nominated for five Grammys, but shut out of a win) and OneRepublic. And if you know Cardi B mostly from viral videos, now’s your chance to see her prove her mettle as a performer, as she did at Sunday night’s Grammy performance (where she was the first female to receive Best Rap Album). Holt.

Since then, Curry has been inactive due to a bruised right knee, which needed to be drained on two occasions during the preseason. Although tests revealed there was no structural damage and only a bone bruise, Curry completed a three week rehab in December. If and when he returns, he will still have to prove himself..

We can thank the show for one of the hottest power couples to ever rule Hollywood. Pinkett thought she had struck gold after landing an audition for the role of Smith’s onscreen girlfriend, Lisa, but was told she was too short to play the part. We have a feeling Pinkett’s not too torn up about it, though.