Start by first rolling the cuff of your tank top up at least “. Use your ruler and some chalk to make a consistent hem all the way around your tank top sleeve. Then use your iron to flatten the sleeve so that your hem won’t shift. Who ParticipatesThe players that are selected to play in the All Star Game are chosen in two ways. The first way is by vote of NBA fans. Names of players are listed on ballots by position and fans across the country pick the players they deem to be the most worthy at each position.

Department of Education. They can investigate the issue and penalize the school accordingly. In pretty much every company I worked for it just won even be factored. As a plant based, protein packed choice, beans are one of the best foods to enjoy when you’re trying to trim down. “Beans are metabolized slowly, so they may aid in weight loss by keeping you feeling fuller longer,” notes Bonnie Taub Dix, RDN. A half cup of beans provides about 110 calories and 7 grams of protein, around the same amount of protein as you’d get in an ounce of chicken or fish.

Although our local teams didn’t make it to the show, the local bars are still jumping into the festivities, with drink specials, free buffets and much more. A word to the wise: because of the lack of local teams, most places were still figuring out their plans and specials as of this writing. Call ahead if you’re die hard for a certain place, just to make sure you aren’t disappointed..

Greenville University, a small southern Illinois school that plays a style designed to score points and not focus on defense, defeated Fontbonne University 200 146 on Saturday in a Division III men’s game. Greenville may sound familiar to some Minnesota college football fans, because its football team plays in the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference. The Panthers didn’t play very well last season, giving up 47 points in a loss to St.

Weather resistant fabrics This type of fabric will hold up and last for years even when being exposed to the elements. It won fade from the sun or mold and mildew from the rain. You don want your pet sleeping on something that is molded or mildewed because this is just as bad for her health as it would be for yours.

Yeah I play on console as well I noticed that it happens if you shoot and switch too quickly, which is really dumb because when do you ever get a one shot these days. Essentially if you switch to quickly it doesnt even register as a shot. My friends have been spectating me and been like why didn you shoot, even though you got the red circle it doesnt count unless you see he damage unfortunately.