Over 106,000 showed up for the weekend. Of those 106,000, the story before had always been that there were more Phillies fans than Nats fans. I thought our fans took back the park. And since the Pyramids were the tombs of the pharaohs, they made sure they were the biggest, most sparkly things of all. The original outside consisted of smooth, white limestone that hid the layers of brick, giving the effect that a pyramid was one giant solid piece. Don’t take our word for it; you can still see bits of that decorative layer on some of them:.

I try to write about bars that haven’t received a lot of attention, but it turns out Lefty’s Sports Pub has been featured on the cover of the Memphis Flyer before, back when it was known as Shirley’s Overtime Inn. The article was prominently displayed in the bar until Shirley sold it and it became Lefty’s, some 10 years ago. It has existed under one name or another for over 50 years, tucked away on Summer in a sea of used appliance stores.

When asked whether he can understand the concern over the latter garment, Kaepernick said that the photograph captures historic moment for Malcolm. I not gonna cut out pieces of Malcolm life. In 1960, when they met in Harlem, that was a historic moment, and that something I will always be true to: what Malcolm was and what he represented.

The Chiefs might be the top seed in the AFC and the favorite to win this game, but let me tell you one thing, fans in Kansas City definitely are not getting overconfident. As a matter of fact, I thing they might be under confident. Is that a word? If not, I trademarking it now, putting it on a t shirt and selling that t shirt to Chiefs fans..

Target has given me the creative freedom to design kid’s clothing that is different than most anything you usually see out there with great quality, attention to detail and most of all, available at amazing prices.”The line includes fun and colorful clothing such as cute fuzzy hoodies with animal earns, punk inspired biker jackets, ballerina tutus, plaid skinny jeans and other whimsical designs.Credit: Stella McCartneyStella McCartney (Stella McCartney Kids)A successful clothing designer, Stella McCartney has designed clothing for several celebrities and has made the transition from the child of a famous personality to a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. In 2011, after a successful partnership with GapKid, McCartney launched her newest line for children from newborn to 12 years old. “Stella McCartney Kids” is popular with celebrity and non celebrity moms alike.When asked about her new line of kid clothing, McCartney said “As a brand with so many working parents in the team, I wanted to create a fun, desirable, wearable kid’s collection that was affordable.