“He’s so grounded and so settled in his own skin. It felt totally natural. There was no change in [Sam’s] voice, no sitting upright. Beardstock is first and foremost about the music, and there will once again be an eclectic mix of bands and musicians on hand to entertain the crowd by playing everything from folk to rock to alternative. New bands this year are Seven Day Jones and Rainy Day Rebellion, while past performer Echos Answer will be back again. Also making a return after a brief hiatus is popular acoustic and folk musician Carly Ann..

“We’ve been on CNN, NBC and CBS nightly news shows,” Carter claims, “and WTVT in Tampa broadcast live from the Taurus on Super Bowl weekend. We’ve been on Tony Segreto’s show several times. In fact, we just completed a promotional video and are going to market this coast to coast.

Below we took some screen caps to show you the issue. The screen caps scale from the idiotic POV 70 (which is the game default) to super idiotic POV 170. Excuse the size of the pictures, they are simply huge; but you can’t fit an Epic Fail on a thumbnail.

Before heading down Fifteen Mile road, Werbelow came across Jake Brown, a damage technician for the Game and Fish. Brown spends most of his time chasing elk, deer and antelope out of private fields and working with landowners to correct damage made by wildlife the same job Werbelow had when he started with the department. Brown asked for directions and for trail conditions.

Keeping with the theme, the exhibit emphasizes the timeless art of embroidery, while detailing how the art or craft has changed over the last 150 years, according to a press release. Of all cultures and times have decorated their homes with embroidered household items, and clothing has been lovingly ornamented. The 1950s, thread became very affordable and women bought iron on patterns and kits as projects, as the museum describes.

1 Down This is what happens when your baseball team hasn won anything significant in 100 years: You use the occasion of a 2 year old birthday party to beat the hell out of the fan of a rival team. Let see if I have this straight. Three adult male Cubs fans were arguing with one adult male White Sox fan, and the argument escalated.

Christian Vela, 22, and Jeanette Zavala, 21, have been identified as two of the three individuals police were searching for following the violent incident last Wednesday, Sept. 26, at the Arco gas station on the corner of Melrose and Western avenues. And was followed by the employee, who confronted her and took back the product, the Los Angeles County District Attorney Office said in a news release..