” n n”,”alternativeHeadline”:”Women prefer men with deep voices, study shows”}For the study published online in the journal “Memory Cognition” researchers conducted a pair of experiments in which women were shown various objects while hearing the names of the objects spoken by high pitched and low pitched voices.As it turned out, the women were much more likely to recall the objects accurately when they were introduced by deep voices. What’s more, the women expressed a strong preference for the low pitched voices.Dr. Kevin Allan, a University of Aberdeen neuroscientist who supervised the research, said in a written statement that evolution seems to have shaped women’s ability to remember information associated with desirable men.

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Robinson was the only player to hit a ball completely out of old Memorial Stadium in Baltimore and once connected for grand slams in consecutive innings of a game. But didn just slug away, as evidenced by a .389 on base average boosted by 1,420 walks against 1,532 strikeouts. Extremely alert on the bases, he had 204 steals..

Made on Villella in 1964. When I joined the New York City Ballet and got to do Son, a critic asked, are you giving a kid like that a role like this? Balanchine said [Russian accent], you know, he looks like nice, little Jewish boy. I expect for he thought little Italian boy the Upper Room.

Iris endure and even thrive in a variety of soils but they especially like moderately acidic soil. Reading up on how to test soil ph could be helpful, but it is probably not necessary. If you are a purist, enjoy doing it, then get the advice of your local agricultural extension agent..

March 18, 2017 The Shadowz will be back at the ANAF. This promises to be a great night. As always, The Shadowz will perform the favourite hits of the 1950 to 2010 You never know when youll see some guests hit the stage with us as well. Grant Service Services will be held at p m. Monday at the Rosevillc Chapel of Cannon and Cannon Funeral Home for Mrs. Mary Grant.